Discuss our previous work with industrial robots in architecture, construction and other creative fields. Where our work has taken us, and where we see it going in the future. We do not want to just automate existing processes, instead we are looking into ways how we can innovate with robotics, combining the accuracy and strength of industrial robots with craft knowledge and human expertise, to create new solutions that go beyond the state of the art. This can only be realized when robots stop being manufacturing machines at the end of a workflow, but become integral parts of the design process itself.


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Karl Singline is a graduate architect and roboticist from Australia. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Master of Architecture, where he played a key role in integrating a KUKA robotic arm into the curriculum for both the school of architecture as well as other faculties and community groups, he launched his popular YouTube channel with over 100,000 views, specializing in tutorials on visual programming and robotics.

He has travelled the world delivering cutting-edge workshops specialising in introducing the core concepts of thinking robotically, visual programming and developing processes to physicalize the digital through the real-world application of robotics.

As a full-time researcher within Creative Robotics, Karl works on personal research as well as partnering with external industry partners to further explore new ways of adapting robotic technologies to architecture and other creative industries.

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